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Message From Our Principal

posted Sep 11, 2020, 6:42 AM by Ainslie Garrett   [ updated Sep 11, 2020, 6:42 AM ]
Good evening BMS Families,
This is Ms. Sabrina calling. Thank you to everyone that sent in the $25 registration fee. We're still accepting the fee. Remember, we are requesting the fee, not requiring it, and we greatly appreciate it.
Lunch applications are also available at the school and online for you to complete. Even though free breakfast and lunch have been provided for all students, we are asking that you complete the forms before the end of September in order to maintain your child's lunch status for the school year.
And one last thing....It doesn't seem like it, but it's time for Progress Reports. You can access your child's current grades, missing assignments, attendance and progress through Skyward. It also is very likely that you will receive emails from your child's teachers regarding Progress Reports. Parents, this phone call is not to alarm you, but to encourage you to work with us in getting your child's assignments turned in to teachers. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, school work is not optional, it is required. We know that this school year has been a challenge for you and your child, but we have quickly realized that some of our students have not been motivated to do school work, so you may see some low grades on the progress reports. We need your help to improve their work habits and ultimately, their grades. Our desire is for all students to be successful, so if you need help, please contact us.
As always, I thank you for your support, your patience, and flexibility during these unprecedented times. Have a great evening.
Mrs. Sabrina