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Brighton Middle School 2020-2021 Distance Learning Student Expectations

posted Aug 16, 2020, 5:18 PM by Ainslie Garrett   [ updated Aug 16, 2020, 5:19 PM ]

Brighton Middle School 2020-2021
Distance Learning Student Expectations

Expectations for distance learning are provided so that we can maximize the success of our students. This is a new experience for all and so patience will be necessary as new technologies and procedures are used.  

Communication is key…do your part to stay connected with your classroom teacher (remember there is one of you and your classroom teacher may have as many as 100-135 students) and with the school. For school updates: BMS Webpage, BMS Facebook, Google Classroom.

DISTANCE LEARNERS WITH INTERNET Use the expected platform (Clever, Edgenuity, BMS website http://bms.tipton-county.com, Google classroom) and check for assignments at least once daily, Monday through Friday. Google classroom codes will be posted within Clever for each subject.

DISTANCE LEARNERS WITHOUT INTERNET Packets and textbooks will be available for pickup on Saturday, August 15 from 9am – 12noon or Monday, August 17, 2020, 3pm-6:30pm

Consistency can lead to success…set up a regular time of day to log on and have a space set aside to do your work. Give yourself breaks as you work throughout the day.

Read, watch, or listen to the directions and work carefully.

Know when your teacher will be online and accessible (posted in Clever, Edgenuity or Google classroom) and ask for help and explanations if needed. Parents, please assist your students in reaching out to teachers. Primary communication should occur during posted office hours. One can rely on additional times as secondary means, though please realize our teachers will be inundated with email and it will take time to address each individual email.  Students with packets…you may need to call the school to schedule a time on Friday to visit with a teacher if you are struggling.  

Reach out to other students and allow peer to peer conversations to provide support, too. This peer to peer opportunity will mimic real world, i.e., college study sessions.

Students should take notes just as you would if you were in a classroom. Having a set of notes for each lesson will be helpful for future learning and success on required assessments.

Submit completed assignments by the established deadline. If you have difficulty submitting, let your teacher know. The means of submission will be determined by the mode of instruction you have selected. Students who are picking up and dropping off home-learning packets will be expected to pick-up and drop-off weekly. Students without INTERNET…your pick-up and drop-off time will be 3pm-6:30pm each Monday. The student is responsible for ensuring all assignments are marked with student and teacher name and packaged to place in a teacher mailbox. Students may also scan these assignments to teacher email. Demonstrate academic honesty…completion of lessons will demonstrate learning if completed by you. Do the right thing even when no one is watching…this will pay off when you have to complete semester exams.

It is expected that students will complete assignments for ALL classes during this distance learning experience. Teachers will plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills. The activity may reinforce existing content or introduce new content and if your student does NOT complete the work, it WILL impact their learning and assessment. All assignments have the potential to be graded; however, one should not expect EVERY assignment to receive a grade.

Distance learning days count toward 180 required days of attendance. Attendance will be marked according to completion, submission AND quality of lessons. There may be a delay in marking attendance as teachers must have time to determine who has submitted assignments. For those with internet connectivity, attendance may also be counted when attending GOOGLE MEET virtual meetings. When on camera, DRESS APPROPRIATELY.

Contact our school counselor (lrichardson@tipton-county.com) if you have need for emotional support.

Video Support: BMS YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2QKK6ekDwfmpvCT5nFdHg

School Contact Information:
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